My Role

Lead UX Designer, Digital Content Strategist

Website Redesign

Problem: CERAWeek had trouble attracting and converting possible attendees for their annual week-long global energy conference with their limited digital presence.

Solution: To convey the density of the programming, CERAWeek needed a website that a user could truly explore.


The Team

Director of Project Management, Group Brand Director, Executive Creative Director, Art Director, UX Designer (myself), Senior Analytics Manager, Software Architect, Senior SEO Manager

My Responsibilities

Competitive Heuristic Audit

Content Audit & Strategy 

Information Architecture


36 Wireframes

Clickable InVision Prototype

20 Functionality Annotated Design Comps

Modular Design System 


InVision. Google Drive. Sketch. Jira. Basecamp. Craft. Whiteboard. Sticky notes.

The Process

Audience Identification Workshop

After studying previous personas, brand assets, industry facets, and digital ecosystem nodes—I ran 2 onsite half-day working sessions with 8 clients and 5 cross-discipline team members. 


  • First, we focused on answering questions from our research, validating and challenging assumptions about their industry, and understanding the cyclical nature of their customers.

  • Second, the team identified desired and actual audiences, discussing user motivations, needs, login access, and their impacts on business goals.


Outcomes: A team-wide understanding of the project goals, defined user groups and assumptions to test, context on their latest business modals and opportunities, defined functionality requirements, discovered unknown unknowns


Deliverables: Consolidated knowledge document

Competitive Heuristic Audit

The team—Developer, Content Strategist, UX Designer, Creative Director—reviewed 3 direct competitors' websites and 3 best-in-class examples of desired functionality. We used high-level heuristic evaluation criteria I designed, and presented the results and their project impact to the stakeholders.

Outcomes: Healthy discussion of their future direction, clarity between aspirational and required functionality, shared understanding of the level of effort for content channels

Deliverables: Presentation of project impact

Representative chart seen here

Heuristic Audit Chart.png

Content & Site Performance Audit

Using a site crawl as a skeleton, I organized and accounted for existing website content. The site crawl and access to Google Analytics dashboard allowed us to analyze content value. 


Outcomes: These learnings had direct impact on the new information architecture and content strategy


Deliverables: The consolidated knowledge document evolved to become a living summation of our learnings and decisions to date, now inclusive of content structure, cadence, etc.

Example sheets shown here


Information Architecture Workshop

Together in the original large group setting, we discussed usability concerns, international audience considerations, and internal buy-in to the new information architecture and content strategy.


Outcomes: Whiteboards covered in content architecture, defined hierarchy of business goals, and one unified team definition of success for launch

Session outcomes below

Deliverables: After 4 rounds of revision and approval by company leadership, we landed on a final information architecture and defined main navigation


Content Strategy

I contributed as both a UX designer and a content strategist, leading the content strategy through the directional content in my wireframes.

Modular Design System

The client was experiencing organizational changes; our modular approach provided them with a system that can flex and ensure consistency. Annotations for the development team were made.


Deliverables: Annotated module library

Example of annotated module library seen here

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 8.23.46 PM.png

Annotated Wireframes

In addition to the annotated module library, standard wireframes were created for all templates and pages with custom functionality.


Deliverables: Full system annotated wireframes 

Example of standard wireframe seen here

AgendaDayView (1).jpg

Learnings & Unique Obstacles

The external team had limited experience working with a UX designer, requiring me to dial into the nuances of the business and audiences, improving my practice of empathy along the way. This project challenged me to demystify the UX process.