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Experience Strategy

Structured Brainstorming Sessions

As a lead designer or a consultant, facilitated organized ideation to maximize creative thinking. Often involved maracas and a timer. 


Agile White-boarding Sessions

Led cross-functional teams through honest discussions to involve all disciplines in decision making. This minimized backtracking and rounds of revision.


User Journeys

Developed customer, user, and employee journeys for use in new business, strategy, and design. Fueled by data from primary and secondary research.



Primary and Secondary User Research

Conducted remote and in-person user testing. Sought out trusted sources’ data to drive project decisions and stay current on insights.



Stakeholder Interview Design & Facilitation

Recorded perspectives, wants, and needs of key decision makers to influence the product KPIs, functionality, and strategy.



Competitive Heuristic Auditing

Assessed competitors’ solutions to determine effectiveness in creativity, usability, and content strategy, and role within the brand ecosystem. 


Technical Design

Component System Design 

Designed products within a modular system that can flex and ensure consistency. Designed creatively with and within defined technical requirements.



Information Architecture & Site Map Design 

Audited existing architecture against project KPIs and content strategy to devise a new best-fit information architecture and resulting site map. 



Task-based User Flows

Created diagrams depicting a user's path to complete specific tasks within a system. Flows help identify experience gaps and opportunities.


Rapid Prototyping

Created clickable prototypes using InVision and Principle for user testing, client presentation, and new business. 



Wireframes, So Many Wireframes 

I create annotated wireframes, the foundation of design and guide to development. 




Sketch ᛫ InVision ᛫ Adobe Photoshop ᛫ Principle ᛫ Keynote ᛫ Affinity Designer ᛫ Sticky Notes ᛫ White Board ᛫ Jira ᛫ Microsoft Office Suite

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